Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Recent Buys

I will save all purchases for me until the end of the month for a round up but i the mean time I've been lucky enough to find some great buys for other people.
In Poole I purchased two of these polka dot mugs for 50p each.
One will go towards my sister C's birthday haul and the other is sat on my kitchen window sill waiting to be planted with a suitable spring flower.

Another pack of Christmas cards, this time from Oxfam, couldn't resist this handsome stag.

This is actually something G bought now I come to think of it. Looking forward to watching it, has anyone else seen it?

Another Oxfam purchase. £1 for a set of mini crackers will be an ideal addition to my sister T's advent gifts.

After leaving work on Friday I needed to nip into town for a couple of things and spotted the Cancer Research shop was having another of their periodic £1 sales. I picked this up for my sister C. She's going to love it.

I also picked up this silky top for S. She has a couple of these tops and likes the long rectangular sleeve style.

Saturday saw us in Winchester as there was a small art exhibition we wanted to see and then when we went into town afterwards we found the Cancer Research branch there was also having a pound sale. 
So now S also has a pretty sequinned jumper

and blue and grey floral hoodie to add to her slowly expanding wardrobe.

She's looking mighty grown up here too don't you think.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Pick of Poole

Normally when G has to work on a weekend he takes the following Tuesday as his day off.
Last week he changed it to the Monday so we would both be off together.
There are lots of changes afoot at his place of work (again!), all to do with working patterns and this just might mean that a Monday off together will occur every few weeks.
Watch this space.

Anyway back to last week.
It was G's suggestion we go to Poole.
Neither of us have been for years, decades in fact.
It doesn't take that long to get to either and was easily manageable by train during the school day.
It was a perishingly cold day and all the more so when we got down to the quay.
The cold and the pubs and windows we saw will be my over riding memories of the day.
This is definitely one place which I'm sure is much more attractive to visit during the summer when it is full of the colour and hustle and bustle of holidaymakers.

Here then are the things which caught my eye.
The aforementioned variety of windows.
The first above a closed up shop, the second is also above a shop but which must have been a cinema at one stage I'm sure, the third above a pub.
The large one at the bottom was on a very inviting looking cafe.

The cockleshell history trail can be followed around Poole, this would definitely be something I'd like to do in warmer weather. An grand clock outside a solicitors and advertising on the side of a boat for trips to Brownsea Island, home to red squirrels.
Beautiful tiles on a boarded up pub.

All of these can be found on The Antelope Inn.

Paradise Street is right down by the waterfront which makes me think it probably wasn't very much like Paradise in earlier times, maybe the cockleshell trail will enlighten me. The Poole Arms is the oldest pub on the quay and resplendent in it's vibrant green tiles.

It was wonderful having an extra day out together. I wonder where we'll go next.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Top Tip

I'm not sure where I first saw this idea, it's been gleaned from one of my too numerous to mention, visits to Pinterest.
Such a simple idea and it costs very little too which is an added bonus.
On a trip to IKEA last week I picked up a couple of these plastic bag dispensers and they are now home to all of my rolls of wrapping paper. 
The dispenser is tall enough to keep the rolls standing up straight and with it's flat back it can easily be stashed in a cupboard/wardrobe or hung up on a wall and takes up very little room.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017


So here we are at the end of January and I'm on a day's annual leave from work.
Originally S was due to be off because of an inset day.
However the inset day has been moved further along in the week to Friday and G is off then anyway. 
I decided not to cancel my day off.
Firstly because I needed to use my leave by the end of March and secondly as we were having a little trip to London last weekend (more on that in another post) it would work out quite nicely having an extra day off afterwards.
I did think it would be lovely to have an extra day to myself, one with no commitments, to do as I pleased........
 but with feeling so rubbish last week I am playing catch up and so it's not quite the day I had envisaged.

Looking back to the start of the month I'm really glad we had arranged our day out to somewhere new, it was good having that to look forward after the festivities.
Then this weekend away at the end of the month was a huge treat.

I'm so pleased to have been able to read so much.
The first book was from my swap with Jo and it was the perfect gentle read for over Christmas and the New Year.
The second, a biography about Danny Kaye, was an interesting read about one of my cinematic heroes.
I'm not sure the author followed many different lines of research, it was more of a potted history rather than an in depth look into his life. 
Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm is a selection of short stories by Stella Gibbons.
I've had this for a couple of years and already read the majority of them so it was just a case of finishing the last handful and now this one will be off to the charity shop.
The final book is Birds of a Feather, a Maisie Dobbs mystery.
I was sent the first and second in this series by lovely blogger Kezzie after I had commented on a blog post she had written about them.
Jacqueline Winspear has now published 13 of these stories and I shall be adding them to my wishlist.
 They start off in the late 1920s and there has clearly been a lot of research concerning WW1 and social history of the time which makes them very entertaining and informative reads.
In the interest of sharing on the generosity of blogland if anyone is interested in reading these two books I would be happy to send them on.
Please leave a comment by end of Sunday 5th February and any names will go into a hat.
 If no interest them off to the charity shop they will also go.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I would save all my charity shop buys and do one post a month about them. Well purchases have been few and far between in January. In total I have bought 3 things.
The most I have spent on one item is £3.00 and that was on this polka dot back pack. It was practically brand new and long time readers will know of my love for all things dotty, this was a must buy for me.

The second item was a plain, long sleeved, v necked navy t-shirt. Far too boring to bother trying to get a photo of, but a good basic item to have in the wardrobe. 
Final buy was £1.00 spent on a plain black jersey pinafore which originally came from New Look. Love the fact it also has pockets.
This is an exceptionally rubbish photo taken at the weekend. I wore it to London and it proved to be the most perfect thing to travel and walk around in as it was so loose and comfy. 

Monday, 30 January 2017

Write Off

(photo taken on the way home from work last Friday)

Last week was a bit of a write off.
G had a cold which he then ever so kindly went on and shared with me.
When not at work or doing the barest of bare minimum around the home I was tucked up in bed either shivering, desperately trying to get warm or kicking the duvet off because I was far too hot.
I also slept quite a bit.
And I got a bit fed up with it all.
Having a cold feels like such a waste of time because it is only a cold but goodness me it can be so completely energy sapping.

Last Sunday, the day before the cold really took hold, I had invited my mum and sister came over for a roast dinner.
When I laid the table for our meal I included a box of quiz questions from a set my sister had given me for my birthday.
S acted as question master testing our general knowledge.
Name the seven dwarfs was one of the questions. 
'Oh I know these,' S said excitedly.
She began to reel them off but then got stuck on 6.
'Who do you go and see when you don't feel well?' G prompted, helping her towards naming Doc.
'Pharmacy,' she replied.
That had me chuckling to myself whenever I remembered it.

didn't read anyone's posts last week so I shall make my way around during the course of this week and have a good catch up with you all.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017


My Wednesdays have taken on a different shape over the past couple of months.
T has a regular appointment which I have begun taking him to.
It's not until a little later in the morning so I have a little time to do some jobs around the home first.
Today I chose to potter in the garden.
Yes it was frosty and a there was a chill in the air but the sun was out and doing it's best to send some warmth, something me and my daffodil bulbs appreciated.

When it was time to go out one of the things I needed to do was buy a card for a friend's 50th birthday. In the past I have found some lovely cards in Barnardos, but this particular charity shop doesn't have a branch where I was today so my first stop was in a Cancer Research shop. They came up trumps with the perfect card and then I spotted a further selection of birthday cards at the back of the shop reduced to 49p. I try and keep a little stock of cards at home and was very pleased with the bundle I picked up. My card box has now been replenished and a fiver has gone to a good cause. Win, win.

I treated myself to some daffodils from Waitrose when I went in there to buy soda crystals. A boring purchase livened up the promise of happy yellow Spring flowers. And how cute is the little blue tit on the label. Can't tell you how happy that me when I spied him. Little things and all that.

Back home this afternoon T asked me if I wanted to play a game with him. I was hoping board game, but he meant computer game. I am so bad at things like Mario Karts, the rest of them just end up in fits of laughter at me. I usually end up driving the wrong way round the track or doing something equally ridiculous. T chose for us to play Super Smash Bros. And I actually won a couple of the battles, so chuffed! Then it was an hour of Just Dance. I got my own back and won most of those but this was the scorecard from You Can Ring My Bell which T won.

Something which hasn't happened for a while is trying something new for tea and it being eaten by everyone. I used the basis of this sweet and sour chicken recipe and will definitely make it again.

Now with T and S both in their bedrooms, G listening to the football and the cats curled up asleep on the sofa I'll spend half an hour ironing and then settle down with my book. A simple, happy day.

Monday, 16 January 2017


Last year I made a decision.
I decided to stop attending my monthly book club.
It's held at the local library on the second Wednesday of each month and I've been going for a few years, in fact since the very first session.
I have read some wonderful books, ones which I would never have chosen to read otherwise, and I've met some lovely people.
But the thing is I don't get a huge amount of time to read. 
Back then I was travelling to work via public transport and had an hour a day 3 times a week with nothing else to do but read. Over the course of a month this was more than enough time to read whatever it was I had to read.
 Nowadays more often than not I don't start let alone finish the book of the month.
And I have sooooooooooo many books at home waiting to be read.

So back to my decision.
I would go along in December and say cheerio to the group.
Only when I got there it was me and one other, it seemed everyone else was busy with other festive stuff.
 We chatted for about 5 minutes and then went on our separate merry ways.
I decided I'd say goodbye in January instead.
 January's meeting rolled around but on the night G was home from work a little later than normal and by the time I was set to leave they would have been halfway through.
Never mind I thought I had (again!) not the read the book and as I was really only going to say I'm leaving I didn't think it would matter.
Due to time not being on my side I hopped in the car instead of walking as I normally would.
Only Saints were playing at home and the car parks were rammed with supporters who had left their cars to walk over to the the football ground and I couldn't get parked anywhere!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for third time lucky in February.

Now I did say I didn't have as much time for reading as when I first started at the book club, which is true, but I have already finished the Twelve Days Christmas which was a present from Jo in our swap and am now nearly halfway through this biography about Danny Kaye.
G, knowing my love for this lovable all round entertainer, bought it for Christmas two years ago and it has sat on the shelf since.
As I have already mentioned I have so many others sat on that bookcase which I want to read and I think maybe it was the having to read which was issue.
Now I'm not under any time pressure to read and digest I am finding that I am sitting down and choosing to pick up a book.

And on a completely different subject, here we have T at the start of his young driver lesson. He can't wait to get behind the wheel and start lessons once he's 17 next month so as a Christmas present from us we booked him this taster. We could tell he enjoyed himself as he lost that teenager scowl from his face and it was replaced, for a couple of hours, with a smile.